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BAIEX 2017




The fair is organized by the Asia Pasargad Co. (Ampex Co) referred to here in after as the company. All correspondence should be addressed to :         
Tehran – Iran Tele:+98-21-22768576/22768596   Fax:+98-21-22546815




1-   All the application forms should be sent to the Asia Pasargad Co. not later than one month before exhibition.

2-   The Asia Pasargad Co. reserves the right for acceptance or rejection of the application forms.

3-    Participants at the previous fairs will not have the right to request the same space held by them previously, unless they obtain the prior approval of Asia Pasargad Co.

4-   Participants happen to occupy an area larger than space applied for in his application form, he should fill in a new application form and pay the rent in conformity with actual area occupied after receiving the approval of the Asia Pasargad Co.

5-   The Asia Pasargad Co. may in exceptional circumstances revise the area or site rented, or changes its location at least one month before the opening of the fair.

6-   Participants wishing to cancel his participation at the fair, should inform the Asia Pasargad Co. His decision at least one month before the opening of the fair and pay 10% of the total rental charges. In case of the non consideration of the said deadline (with drawing within the last month) the applicant remains liable for all the financial commitments and the expenses incurred on his account and do not have any right to claim for compensation.



1-   100% of the rental charges should be paid when the applicants submit their application forms to the Asia Pasargad Co. According to the indicated deadlines. Charges should be paid to Asia Pasargad Co.

2-   Participants are authorized to repack or collect their exhibit goods one day after the closing day of the fair.

3-   In order to avoid any misunderstanding regarding payments the exhibitors are requested to advise the Asia Pasargad Co. of the exact date and amount of remittance and the bank through which the amount has been remitted.

4-   The Asia Pasargad Co. reserves the right, to keep the exhibitors property.  Until the debt regarding the participation will fully paid.




1-   Apart from the goods not allowed to enter the country according to the import /export regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, exhibiting of such articles as ammunitions, explosives, narcotics and alcoholic beverages are forbidden.

2-   Participants are responsible for the safeguarding of their exhibits during the visiting hours of the fair. The Asia Pasargad Co. takes the same responsibility after the closing hours during the period of the fair.





No vehicle will be allowed to enter the fairground while the fair is open (Ambassadors Are excepted).Goods and catering should be delivered to the stands in the morning, before the opening hours.



Parking will not be permitted in the fairground or on the roads adjacent to the fair except in the parking lots, this will be provided for participants and visitors. For the duration of the fair a special parking lot will be allocated to the exhibitors. Participants who require parking cards should complete and return the appropriate application form one month before the opening of the fair. The company will provide special free parking cards according to the participant's allocated space.



Each exhibitors will receive free identity cards for entering of the staff or his pavilion to the fairground, in the duration of the fair. The identity cards will be provided according to the following distribution principle and participants must install them on their chests.






























Inserting the Exhibitors data in the official catalogue of the fair is obligatory and pay from exhibitors.The exhibitor is obliged to supply the organizer with the requested information(Name, Address, Telephone and telefax number as well as the main exhibits) at least one months before the opening of the fair.

The fair catalogue will be published in both Persian and English languages.




1-   Participants who wish to distribute books; films etc. in their pavilions during the fair should receive prior approval of the Public Relations Dept. of the Asia Pasargad Co.


2-   Participants have no right to make comparisons with the goods of other participants for publicity purposes.


3-   It is forbidden to use loud-speakers before obtaining the written consent of the Asia Pasargad Co provided that their use is confined to the interior of the pavilion to guide visitors, or broadcast music. These loud-speakers should not cause disturbing sounds to neighboring exhibitors.


4-   Participants have no right to put up slogans, placards or wall writing inside the fair.




The Asia Pasargad Co. has the right to take photographs or films of any part of the fair for the use in the publications of the fair.

Photographers shall not be permitted to take pictures inside the fairground without prior permission of the Asia Pasargad Co. which may be obtained under specific terms and conditions.





1-   Insurance facilities will be provided at the fairground with the cooperation of an insurance agency. All participants who wish to insure their workers, employees, stand and exhibits against any risk, unexpected accidents and fire from the beginning of construction work until the last day of dismantling, should submit their requests to the representative of insurance company stationed at the fairground.The insurance premium is calculated according to the insurance company tariffs.

2-   Participants are responsible for any damage to their exhibits, equipments, decoration material in the pavilion or stand which might result from fire, theft and damages caused by water … etc.

3-   Participants are also responsible for incident or any injury which might happen to the workers and employees of their pavilion during carrying out their duties that result from using machinery, equipment or electric power etc …




1-   The company provide guards for general watching of halls and pavilions for the whole period of the fair. However, participants are advised to make arrangements to safeguard their displays during the visiting hours of the fair. The halls will be locked and sealed after the closing hours.

2-   Participants or their representatives should be present during the opening hours of the fair in their pavilions or stands to watch exhibits and meet the visitors.

3-   Participants are not permitted to close their pavilions or stands before the closing time of the fair.

4-   Participants are required to carry out necessary measures for safekeeping of their precious exhibits.



1-   The company provides an equipped fire fighting station inside the fair during the period of the fair.

2-   Participants are required to remove all the inflammable materials such as empty cases, packing materials, etc … from their pavilions and stand.

3-   Naked light or any flame-producing articles are prohibited from storage in the halls. Neither oil nor other types of fuel maybe stored on the site. Exhibitors requiring oil or other types of fuel for demonstration purpose are asked to consult the fire brigade officials of the fair, whose instructions have to be observed.




Export services center consisting on the representative of the ministries and organizations concerned with foreign trade, offers computerized trade information and useful guidance to the visitors and participants for the duration of the fair.

If a participant does not observe the rules and regulation, the Asia Pasargad Co. has the right to stop his working in the stand at any time, and the participant has no right to demand compensation.



1-   Participants should evacuate pavilions and stands allotted to them whether indoor or outdoor, and remove exhibits, decoration materials and any other installations and return the stands to the former state and hand them over to the company not than later 1 day after the termination of the fair.

2-   Incase a participant fails to vacate his pavilion after 1 day allowed, the Asia Pasargad Co.is not responsible for damages caused to the remaining exhibits in the pavilions and stands.

3-   Imported goods will be transferred to customs warehouse one month after the termination of the fair, where they will be subject to the customs regulations .




Participants are requested to dismantle the stands and pavilions and installations 1 day after the termination of the fair at the latest. Otherwise the Asia Pasargad Co. will dismantle the stands and pavilions and installations at the participant's expense and they will have no right to demand compensation.

* If due to any disputes exhibits could not be evacuated, such exhibits will be subject to the above mentioned charges.

* If the exhibits are not removing from the fairground within 1 day after the termination of the fair, will be impounded by the Asia Pasargad Co.

* If the value of the impounded goods is less than the storage charges, then the Asia Pasargad Co. will take legal action for the difference.




1-   Those participants who construct their own stand should submit a copy of their proposed design at least 20 days before opening date of the fair in order to get the approval of the technical management of the fair, in case a participant doesn't get the approval, the Asia Pasargad Co. will stop the construction of their stand and the participants are solely responsible for any damages.

2-   The technical management of the fair has the right to make any changes in proposed design if necessary, and participants should observe the changes, failing this the Asia Pasargad Co. has the right to dismantle the construction and charge the exhibitor accordingly.

3-   All stand construction and decoration must be completed 2 days before the opening of the fair.

4-   Any waste materials resulting from the construction of stands should be disposed of correctly 2 days before opening of the fair. The organizer has the right to remove any such items and to charge the exhibitor.

5-   Exhibitors have 1 day after closing date to remove the goods and equipment exhibited and all stand material from fairground failing this, the organizer has the right to vacate the stand, and the organizer is not responsible for any damages caused to the remaining exhibit material.




Because of limitation for water supply in exhibition halls, those companies who require water should submit their written request at the technical management of the fair at least 20 days before opening of the fair.



Those participants who make their own stands, should submit their written requirement at least 20 days before the opening of the fair to the technical management of the fair for such equipments as cable, electrical panel, etc, which will be provided at the by of the stand owners. The organizers will provide the exhibitors with electricity within the limits of possibilities. If exhibitors require an extra power, they should write their needs at least 20 days before the opening of the fair to the technical management.



Participants needing telephones should complete the related form at least 20 days before opening of the fair.

NOTE: Participants who require water, power supply and telephone should complete the related forms which are provided by the Asia Pasargad Co.





Foreign goods for displaying are imported inland either undertakings of embassies or private and individual companies. The participants under the coverage of the state which they belong to and by way of their pertinent embassy in Iran or private and individual companies should precede the following procedures to obtain the temporary admission.

1-   Nomination of a clearing agent.

2-   Introduction of one or more embassy staff, together with their signature specimen for signing all documents.

3-   Signing of an undertaking in accordance with the form forwarded by the customs to the embassy in order to guarantee all financial undertaking.

4-   The appointed representative must fill in the declaration from in two copies and submit them to the customs together with the relevant subscription letter and the original documents (Bill of lading, invoice, certificate of origin, power of attorney, or a letter of introduction, packing lists and custom delivery order issued on behalf of the transport company and official confirmation of the export promotion center of Iran (EPCI) concerning their participation at the fair.

5-   Receipt of temporary admission and transit permit form the bureau of exports of I.R. of Iran customs administration in the name of relevant custom.

6-   Deposit of a cash guarantee (in case of private or individual companies) the amount of which is specified in an issue by customs of the I.R. of Iran forwarded to the fair custom.

7-   Reference to the frontiers customs in order to transit and there after to the fair custom for obtaining temporary admission of the exhibits.

Immediately upon termination of the exhibition, clearing agents have to inventory goods form temporary admission, subject fill up pertinent declaration forms and to make request for performance of customs formalities. According to Iran's  “Law and Regulations” and the “Fair convention” all imported goods on temporary admission basis should be returned to their country of origin and that part of goods disposed during the exhibition, either consumed or distributed as gift or sample among visitors are declared through “Definite consumption declaration” and their admission will be settled. According to the decree issued by the council of ministers, concerning clearance of fair goods, the ministry of commerce (Export promotion center of Iran) issues a clearance permits and persons or companies who have sold out their goods at the fair, are expected to deliver those goods to the fair custom warehouse and release the temporary admission.

There after, with the government permission concerning the release of goods for display, such consignments are released under certain terms and conditions.