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A message from our CEO

Description The CEO of Asia Pasargad Exhibitory Company announced:

Due to it being the 10th anniversary of this exhibition, the largest international exhibition of cement, concrete, bitumen, asphalt, road construction, insulation, and related equipment and industries in Iran has been held. For the tenth consecutive year, which was named support of the Iranian product, the International Cement and Concrete Exhibition, bitumen and asphalt and road construction, insulation, and related equipment and industries will be held with the cooperation of the government and the private sector. Maryam Tavakolian, Chairman and CEO of Asia Pasargad’s Middle-Eastern company, said: "For the first time, we have been able to bring practitioners in these financial fields together in the best exhibition halls separately, and with the support of associations and unions have added another shared experience to the resume of Asia Pasargad’s Middle-Eastern company. He added: The rise of development in all aspects of human life has prompted stakeholders in the field of road and building construction to look for new ways to participate in the field. Ways to use new materials with different modern features, reduction in the weight of the foundation, heat, cold, and sound insulation, protective asphalt, etc. are some of the features that are seen in some of the materials today. Furthermore, Ms. Tavakolian proclaimed: concerning the high amount of trade going on in the area, we hope for a higher rate of attendance in the exhibition by business groups this year, so that we would be able to develop the foundation for more foreign transactions. Ms. Tavakolian added: in the end, we are proud to have a wide presence in the cement, concrete, bitumen, asphalt, and road, insulation, equipment, and related industries. this year we are launching one of the most prestigious exhibitions of the last decade.