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Insurance Services

Service heading: the insurance services specified to the injured at the permanent fairs site in realm of Islamic Republic of Iran

The name of management: executive affairs

The addresses concerned: conductors, visitors, participators and visitors

The form of designing phases of services or honoring the clients in accordance with the Par. A of third article of the law of administrative system safety authenticity promotion and in opposing to corruption
Steps Activity description Required timing for performing the activity The unit name and the relating to charge person Residency location and contact tel.No required records
1 In the case of ny incidence leading to injuries or hitting to persons at the time of fairs holding, the proceedings should be announced to the fairs companies company message through the subsequent actions the red crescent   Message Center Red crescent

The message center located atthe southern gate of the fair: 21912323

Located at the northern gate of the fair: 2555

2 For attending to the injured person affair and other follow-ups a minutes of meeting i this regard with the presence of the conductor delegates of the fair,the police force, guard management of interior fairs at the event of incidence should be prepared and through a formalletter remitted to the executive management of affairs.   Services in charge

The under floor of the weltfare building next to the secretariat

No. : 21912353

3 The proceedigs of the incidence with inclusion of incidence proceeding will be announced to the concerned insurance compay through executive affairs management upper most in period of 3 days at the most 3 days Insurance affairs

Next to the hall 27 the third foor of the executive management (Insurance affair)


4 Other relative necessory actions in attending the injured person are the responsibility of the fair conductor and the payment of the incidence retaliation is upon the insurer company Up to the 5 days after the event of incidence The conductor of any fair The holding staff of the related fair  


In the event of any inicidences resulting to the bodily harms to the visitors, particioants, referees and the executive agents of the fairs the above-mentioned actions taking are required.